Patrick Beverley hoping for Joel Embiid to become an ‘MVP in the locker room’


Photo: NBA Fantasy/X

New Philadelphia 76ers veteran Patrick Beverley wants to help Joel Embiid in any way he can.

(via Philadelphia 76ers):

Lauren Rosen: “Your relationship with Joel goes back years, some iconic battles between the two of you. What’s it going to be like to be his teammate?”

Beverley: “Great. Any guy that gets a chance to play with any type of MVP, former MVP, it’s always a blessing. You go through this basketball stage, and it’s very rare that players even get a chance to be on the same team with an MVP. So life presents an opportunity like this, you can’t not take advantage of it. Obviously, whatever nurturing or whatever I can give, whatever that point is that I can help with. He’s been successful so much in his career, but whatever I can help with if it’s body maintaining, if it’s attitude, approach to the game, whatever I can help with. I’m willing to help and I’m excited to help, just trying to see the transformation of being an MVP on the team, but also being an MVP in the locker room too.”

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