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Via the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Zion Williamson was a one-man offense in his final game of the season.

In a Jan. 2 tilt against the Philadelphia 76ers, Williamson scored 26 points in 28 minutes. He took 12 shots. He made 10 of them. Despite dealing with a thicket of defenders inside, he converted 10 of 11 paint attempts.

Then in the third quarter of that game, Williamson came up limping.

The Pelicans ranked eighth in points scored per 100 possessions in the NBA at the time of Williamson’s injury. After he got hurt — a right hamstring strain that would knock him out for the remainder of the season — their offense cratered. Williamson was unable to play in the final 45 games. The Pelicans ranked 25th in points scored per 100 possessions in this stretch.

The Pelicans fell from third place to ninth place in the West without Williamson. They failed to advance out of the NBA play-in tournament, as they lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the West’s Nos. 9-10 matchup.

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