Ohio State’s freshman star Brice Sensabaugh recieving NBA feedback as he’s declared for the upcoming Draft – Basketball Insiders


As Ohio State star Brice Sensabaugh is currently navigating the NBA Draft waters, he recently admitted it will be a gut feeling that decides his future, as he’s been receiving a fair amount of feedback from specialists on his draft status. 

And according to what he’s hearing, the 2022/23’s leading scorer should be selected around the second half of the first round of the upcoming draft in June. The truth is, he’s already being a regular in most mock drafts and is quite certain he’ll become a pro soon enough.

“That’s what I’m hearing, yeah,” Sensabaugh told the press this past Thursday. “I think it’s going to be tough (to decide), but at the end of the day I think I’ll have that gut feeling. I’ve gotten some good feedback so far. Just keep riding that out and keep working and see where it takes me.”

When asked if he’s considering a timeframe in which he should make his final decision, he said it’s still not the time. “Not right now. I think I’ll get out to L.A. and just keep working. Different scenery but same work. Just put in that work and keep talking to my team and my parents and go from there.”

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