NFL Hall of Famer on LeBron James playing tight end position


Photo: LeBron James/IG

In a recent episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, NFL Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson delved into the topic of LeBron James potentially playing as a tight end in the NFL.

Johnson, renowned for his own stellar career as a wide receiver, shared his perspective on how the Lakers superstar might fare in the world of American football.

Johnson began by acknowledging the timing of LeBron’s potential NFL venture. “Well, it depends. I mean, if LeBron came nowadays, like in the last 10 years, he could’ve been GREAT,” he told Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson. “He highlighted the evolution of the tight end position, which has become more hybrid, resembling receiver roles.

However, Johnson humorously mused about LeBron’s hypothetical earlier entry into the NFL, saying, “Now if he would’ve come in like maybe 20 years ago when that tight end position exactly wasn’t that hybrid/receiver position, he might’ve been a buck at tight end [laughs].”

The NFL legend also recognized the physical demands of the position, emphasizing that not everyone could transition seamlessly. He noted that LeBron’s unique physique might aid him, but the toll of the game’s physicality should not be underestimated.

“There are a few guys that can make the transition and just off the way that LeBron is built maybe he can make that transition but, a lot of guys ain’t built to get up and down off the ground and get hit like that all the time,” he added.

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