New Orleans Pelicans vs. Phoenix Suns Postgame Quotes | 12/9/22


Willie Green recaps win vs. Phoenix | Pelicans Suns Postgame Interview 12/9/2022

Pelicans Head Coach Willie Green

On Zion’s performance against defenses:

“He was great; phenomenal game from start to finish. Defensively on both ends of the floor, Z(ion Williamson) was fantastic. Then, just making plays down the stretch, Z(ion Williamson), Larry (Nance Jr.), Jose (Alvarado) and even CJ (McCollum), good to see him have a pretty decent game. That’s what it is about for us, execution at the end of games.”

On the environment in the building tonight and the impact it had:

“It was great, we love it and we love playing here on our home floor in New Orleans. Our fans were fantastic and it was just two good teams battling it out. It is good to be on the winning side of it and we got another one Sunday. We talked about it a few days ago in practice, this is like a playoff-like situation where you get to play a team twice and then make adjustments. I’m sure they are going to come out and bring more physicality.”

Jose Alvarado on strong win | Pelicans Suns Postgame Interview 12/9/2022

Pelicans Guard Jose Alvarado

On playing the Suns again on Sunday:

“We know we are going to have to compete. We know they are going to try to bring their best game Sunday. Obviously, we won today but we have to stick to what we do well. Playing defense, playing Pelican basketball, learning from mistakes that we made today and focusing on competing on Sunday. We know it’s going to be a tough physical game. If we just be ourselves we will be alright.”

On the atmosphere feeling like the playoffs:

“Yeah, there is tension there all the time. We hated that they beat us on our own floor. Every game we play against them is going to be physical and really locked in. It’s always going to be a playoff game for us. We are not going to let it go until we eliminate them in the playoffs or if we are in the playoffs and they are staying at home.”

Zion Williamson talks season-high | Pelicans Suns Postgame Interview 12/9/2022

Pelicans Forward Zion Williamson

On the atmosphere in the arena tonight:

“It is amazing. This is what the game is all about. The Suns are a great team and a great organization. They built up a resume to earn that. To play against a team like that in an environment like this; can’t ask for anything better.”

“That is out of character for me. You have to understand, they sent my teammates home last year. I missed it all last year. I got a little carried away and I admit that. I was in the locker room when my brothers were down, because the Suns sent us home. That is a tough moment to be a part of. At that moment I got carried away and I admit that. It was out of character for me. If they were to do the same thing I wouldn’t have any problem with it.”

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