NBA World Reacts as Nearly $5 Billion News Shows Las Vegas Expansion Imminent


For the longest time, NBA fans have been waiting for a team in Las Vegas. One of the most exciting cities in the world has long been wanting an official team in its name. And this season, their dreams might have started taking shape. Notably, back in the Summer League, LeBron James made his future plans known: a team for Sin City as he fell in love with the atmosphere. Now, they have taken further strides in building a multi-billion dollar arena.


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James’ words reached NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s ears when he came on ‘NBA Today’. Malika Andrews curiously asked him about the league’s expansion plans. Silver revealed it isn’t on the top of his priority list. While it might not be immediate, the league isn’t saying no either. Notably, Silver was elated with James’ willingness to one day become an owner.


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Despite saying it isn’t a part of the NBA’s immediate plans, the city might have taken it upon itself. Las Vegas revealed its new project, the All Net Resort & Arena.

NBA coming to Las Vegas soon?

Former basketball player and businessman Jackie Robinson planned the $4.9 billion project for the city. The All Net Resort & Arena will be a unique destination fit for life in Sin City. Notably, the project will encompass a resort hotel and a multi-purpose arena equipped with a retractable roof. While the project has no timeline, the NBA world got a glimpse of the masterpiece in the making.


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Front Office Sports gave an inside look at the arena in the making. The extravagant project left fans speechless as they rallied behind a franchise in Las Vegas.

Here are some of the reactions from NBA Twitter:


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Vegas is probably the perfect spot for a night of exciting and dramatic basketball action. The nightlife of Las vegas to go with the thrill of the NBA could become an ideal fit. Moreover, the NBA has seen success with its Summer League games previously hosted in the city. Vegas seems to have the potential to become a hub for basketball.

The WNBA has explored the depths of basketball in the city already with the Las Vegas Aces. Now, it seems the NBA can make it explode and add to the show. With the air in Vegas made for a night to remember, seeing the best of the best in terms of basketball superstars might do it justice.


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Do you think LeBron James will be the one to lead a Las Vegas expansion and own a team there? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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