NBA to allow back-to-back resting for players at least 35 years old


The NBA plans to allow pre-approved designated back-to-back allowances for players who are 35 years old on opening night or have career workloads of 34,000 regular-season minutes or 1,000 regular-season and playoff games combined.

Prior to the 2017-18 season, the NBA first implemented a player resting policy (PRP) for all 30 teams. Since 2017, teams have been prohibited from resting healthy players for any high-profile and nationally televised game. Teams were fined at least $100,000 for violating this rule.

However, those rules will now be replaced with a more stringent player participation policy (PPP) that will go into effect at the start of the 2023-24 season. The NBA’s Competition Committee is pushing for harsher penalties and stricter guidelines on resting players for nationally televised games.

Of course, the league’s Board of Governors has already voted to pass the measures. Under these new rules, NBA teams would be fined $100,000 for a first violation, $250,000 for a second violation, and $1 million more than the previous penalty for each additional violation. Teams are not allowed to shut down a star player if they are healthy.

NBA to allow back-to-back resting for players at least 35 years old or have career workloads of 35,000 regular-season minutes or appeared in 1,000 regular-season and playoff games combined

Playoff teams in the past have rested starters in the final week of the regular season. The league believes it is a necessity for star players to be on the court, especially in national television games. This includes in-season tournament games.

Gambling is an important factor, needless to say. The NBA is projected to earn $167 million in revenue from casinos and betting, an 11% increase from last season, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks.

Therefore, no more than one star player can be unavailable for the same game. Next, star players have to be available for national television and in-season tournament games.

More importantly, each NBA team must maintain a balance between the number of one-game absences for a star player in home games and road games. Teams are required to refrain from any long-term shutdown.

A total of 25 teams and 49 players (almost 11% of the league) will be impacted by the new rules. Fifteen teams have multiple players who were named All-NBA or to the All-Star Game in the previous three seasons.

Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks), Dejounte Murray (Atlanta Hawks), LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers), Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers), Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies), Jaren Jackson Jr. (Memphis Grizzlies), Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat), Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns), and Kevin Durant (Phoenix Suns) are among the 49 players who qualify as stars under the new rules.

James would receive a pass because he’s 38 years old and has played 54,093 regular-season minutes.

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