NBA scout says Bronny James’ heart issue won’t prevent him from entering 2024 Draft


Last month, young Bronny James took the basketball community by surprise after he collapsed during a workout with his new team in the University of Southern California. LeBron‘s eldest son, who just graduated from high school, made all the headline news as his promising career was put on hold. 

At first, the situation felt alarming considering that there was no clear explanation on why the 18-year-old athlete would faint after a typical basketball workout. Luckily, the medical team diagnosed him correctly and he’s already making his way through recovery.

A month after identifying he suffers from a slight heart issue, the NBA prospect’s career seems to finally be back on track.

Check out how the media addressed the young guard’s health updates as his family promised he’ll be back stronger than ever:

With such raw talent and one of the most important last names in NBA history stamped on his jersey, no wonder so much press is behind his story. However, this also attracts basketball experts who want to figure out if he’s potential is still intact.

Recently, an NBA scout tracked King James’ son and explained why he believes that his heart problems won’t prevent him from making it into the 2024 NBA Draft if he was to apply.

“I think Bronny James will go in the draft because of who he is, and some team will really think LeBron James will come if they draft him,” the league scout assured. “If the Lakers get a pick, they won’t pass on him. He’s a decent player.”

Even though Los Angeles would be the perfect fit considering California is his home and his father is a superstar for the Lakers, reports suggest other teams like the Celtics are following his footsteps.

“He’s better than some guys who may get picked ahead of him. He’s solid, (though) not spectacular. He knows how to play. He can handle the ball well enough. If you leave him alone, he’ll drill a three. He reminds me of Austin Rivers as a player, and he’s (Rivers) stayed in the league for over a decade,” the source explained.

His family is convinced that the 18-year-old will return to basketball very soon as he’s on the way to a ‘full recovery’

The James has always been portrayed as a close family, and have been very overprotective of Bronny and his health ever since he dropped to the floor back in July.

As doctors finally determined the “probable cause” of the cardiac arrest, they rest assured he’ll be back on court sooner than later.

“It is an anatomically and functionally significant Congenital Heart Defect which can and will be treated,” the family statement read. They are “very confident” in a full recovery and a “return to basketball in the very near future.”

“We will continue to provide updates to media and respectfully reiterate the family’s request for privacy,” the statement concluded.

38-year-old LeBron has been very outspoken in the past that he will try his best to remain in the NBA to fulfill his dream of sharing the court alongside his son.

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