NBA mailbag – Are point guards developing faster than they used to? Luka and Ja might be an indication


Many of the NBA’s brightest young stars, including reigning Most Improved Player Ja Morant and preseason MVP betting favorite Luka Doncic, play point guard. Is that enough to rethink the notion that point guards take longer to develop than other positions?

That’s a theory I’ve pushed in the past, highlighting late developing point guards Mike Conley and Kyle Lowry, as well as the most notable late development case in NBA history: Stephen Curry becoming an all-time great after not making his first All-Star Game until age 25. Let’s revisit the data to see whether my position still holds up.

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This week’s mailbag also tackles the Milwaukee Bucks‘ defense preventing 3s after conceding them at a high rate in past seasons, and the most recent NBA starting lineup where all five players are now out of the league.

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