NBA executive on LeBron James’ retirement talks: “He loves to control the narrative”


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Following the Nuggets’ sweep of the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, LeBron James left the basketball world in suspense with a cryptic message during the press conference.

James stated, “I got a lot to think about… Just personally, with me moving forward with the game of basketball, I got a lot to think about.” Speculations quickly arose that the legendary player might be contemplating retirement.

However, some NBA executives remain skeptical about James’ retirement plans. One Western Conference executive dismissed the notion, stating via Eric Pincus of BleacherReport, “He’ll suit up next year. He just changed the conversation. Now we’re not talking about a sweep; we’re talking about LeBron and retirement. He loves to control the narrative.”

Another executive echoed this sentiment, suggesting that James’ comments might not reflect his final decision, saying, “Give it a week. Let’s see if he’s saying the same thing.”

At 38 years old, James continues to perform at an elite level, averaging 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 6.8 assists in 35.5 minutes per game during the past season.

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