NBA Draft Lottery Odds, Date, Time, & Simulation Results


Tomorrow night, the NBA will hold the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago. This year, French sensation Victor Wembanyama is widely considered to be the #1 overall pick in the upcoming draft. Fourteen teams have their chance at landing Wembanyama who could change the trajectory of a franchise. The three teams with the best odds at landing the #1 overall pick are the Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs all at 14 percent. 

You can tune into this event tomorrow night on ESPN at 8:00 pm EST. Before the draft tomorrow takes place, an actual lottery takes place. The results of that drawing are then sealed in an envelope. NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum then reveals an order to the 14 teams who nervously wait.

According to the NBA,

“The No. 1 pick in the draft is awarded to the team that draws the winning four-number combination from the lottery machine. There are 14 ping-pong balls numbered one through 14, with each number representing a different lottery team. In total, there are 1,001 possible four-number combinations, but only one winning combination.” – NBA offices

After the winner is selected, the process is then repeated for picks 2-4. The draft is done in order of win percentage for the rest of the remaining picks.

Victory Wembanyama is one of the top prospects in the NBA Draft over the last 20 seasons

2023 NBA Draft Lottery Odds:

  • Detroit Pistons (14%)
  • Houston Rockets (14%)
  • San Antonio Spurs (14%)
  • Charlotte Hornets (12.5 %)
  • Portland Trail Blazers (10.5 %)
  • Orlando Magic (9.0 %)
  • Indiana Pacers (6.8%)
  • Washington Wizards (6.7%)
  • Utah Jazz (4.5%)
  • Dallas Mavericks (3.0%, the pick could convey to New York)
  • Chicago Bulls (1.8%, the pick could convey to Orlando)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (1.7%)
  • Toronto Raptors (1.0%)
  • New Orleans Pelicans (0.5%)

A simulated 2023 Draft Lottery Order via Tankathon

Pick #1- Charlotte Horents

Pick #2- Orlando Magic

Pick #3- Detroit Pistons

Pick #4- Houston Rockets

Pick #5- San Antonio Spurs

Pick #6 – Portland Trail Blazers

Pick #7- Indiana Pacers

Pick #8- Washington Wizards

Pick #9- Utah Jazz

Pick #10- Dallas Mavericks

Pick #11- Orlando Magic

Pick #12 Oklahoma City Thunder

Pick #13- Toronto Raptors

Pick #14- New Orleans Pelicans

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