Nate Robinson talks Bulls not offering him contract after balling out in 2013 playoffs


Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

Nate Robinson was a big reason why the 2012-13 Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls got to the Eastern Conference Semifinals (averaged 17.0 PPG/1.7 RPG/3.6 APG/1.0 SPG/50.5% FG/36.4% 3-PT/81.8% FT during First Round series vs. the Brooklyn Nets), but Robinson says Chicago didn’t make him an offer that summer and signed with the Denver Nuggets for two years just over $4 million.

(via Gil’s Arena):

“They had us picked last in our Conference and all that. We ended up making the Playoffs and going to the Second Round, losing to Miami. But that group was special. I was hoping they was gonna bring me back; so then D-Rose comes back that year and then now they got me coming off the bench with D-Rose starting. That would have been perfect, but they didn’t wanna give it a chance, ‘Oh, we don’t have enough money for you. We just paid…’ I said, ‘Bro, stop it. You don’t gotta…you guys didn’t even offer me. I’m not greedy. To me, $25 million is a lot of f****** money, bro. You don’t know what I would take. That’s a cop-out.’ So then, they was cool. Which I was like, ‘Alright.’ Then I had to go settle for Denver.”

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