Monty Williams: “We’ve been playing way too much defense here of late”


Photo: Phoenix Suns/Twitter

The Suns lost for the second time in a row as they fell against the Warriors on the road (112-123). Phoenix head coach Monty Williams says that his team is playing good defense, but only until an offensive rebound by its opponent.

“We have the ability, especially when we kick the ball ahead, to put pressure on teams, but it involves as getting a stop,” Williams said after the game. “We’ve been playing way too much defense here of late. Especially in the last game allowing teams to get extra possessions.

“We play good first-shot defense and then we give up an offensive rebound. That keeps us out of playing the way we want to play, getting the ball down the floor, putting pressure on the paint. It’s the same thing we saw from Sac. It’s what Golden State tries to do.

“And to your point, some of that emotional uprising comes into play when you give up an offensive rebound after you play really good defense. When that stuff happens, you have to just stay the course and over the period of 48 minutes we feel like we can overcome that, but we got to have the stability to do it.”

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