Mike DeCourcy Is Impressed With Dereck Lively And Kyle Filipowski


Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News attended the Champions Classic and says that NBA scouts were plentiful and there were a lot of players to look at.

He starts his piece with Jeremy Roach though, a player he says might not get drafted but who you can expect to make a team and possibly excel. That’s pretty cool.

But the real focus is on the high-end talent and he likes Dereck Lively and Kyle Filipowski a lot.

About Lively he says this: “Lively is one of the most electric big men we’ve seen in college basketball since Tyson Chandler – oh, yeah, that’s right. Chandler came along during the preps-to-pros days. So when’s the last time we saw a 7-footer move like this? James Wiseman for three games at Memphis? No, even he wasn’t as dynamic as Lively.“

He goes on to say that Lively needs to improve, but he’s got a lot to work with and he’s really just getting started.

About Filipowski, he says this: “Watching him struggle at times to change ends late in the first half made it apparent he’ll have to continue improving his conditioning. Watching him kick everyone’s tail in the final 20 minutes made it apparent that would be a wise investment.“

That was one of our favorite parts of this game: learning that Filipowski has a bit of a mean streak. That’s a valuable thing in a big man.

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