Michigan leads Kentucky & Indiana for 5-Star Flory Bidunga


In the race to recruit the best young talent for the upcoming 2024 class, the University of Michigan Wolverines appear to have taken a significant step ahead of the pack in the quest for five-star center Flory Bidunga’s commitment. Currently ranked third in the consensus rankings in the Class of 2024, Bidunga has recently displayed a growing interest in the Wolverines, hinting at a potential advantage over other heavyweight contenders like the University of Kentucky and Indiana.

Wolverines Visit Gives Michigan Chance to Shine for Bidunga

Standing tall at 6-foot-9 and weighing in at 210 pounds, the prodigious prospect from Kokomo High, Indiana has attracted the attention of numerous top-tier college basketball programs nationwide. Flory Bidunga’s list of recent campus visits reads like a roll call of esteemed schools. It includes the likes of Purdue, Cincinnati, Butler, Michigan, Indiana, and Michigan State.

Additionally, he has also undertaken official visits to Auburn and Florida, with Michigan featuring next on his itinerary.

Bidunga Drawing Attention at Adidas 3SSB

The sight of top-notch coaches congregating to watch Bidunga in action at Adidas 3SSB Chapter 2 shows the rising star’s potential. Names from Michigan, Auburn, Florida, Indiana, Michigan State, and Cincinnati were among the scouts present, demonstrating the young center’s wide appeal.

Bidunga’s approach to these high-pressure situations is commendably mature; he relishes the prospect of demonstrating his abilities in front of high-caliber coaches, recognizing it as an indicator of their interest and an opportunity to continue developing his game.

The bustling recruitment scene has hardly impacted the youngster’s perception of his college options. With a level head, he acknowledges the continued interest from the same schools, including Kentucky, Michigan, Florida, and Auburn.

No Deadline in Place for Bidunga Decision

Despite not finalizing a shortlist of preferred institutions, he speaks fondly of his Michigan visit, emphasizing his positive interactions with the coaching staff and players.

While no definitive decision-making timeline is in place, Bidunga has expressed an interest in settling on his choice prior to his senior season. One of his prime considerations is finding a place that radiates a sense of homely comfort – a “good place,” as he phrases it.

In the Wolverines’ favor is the impending second visit by Bidunga, slated for June 1st. Considering that the five-star center has already enjoyed a visit to Michigan back in September, this development injects a surge of optimism for the Wolverines’ recruiting prospects. Michigan remains prominent on the young big man’s radar, despite heavy interest from elsewhere.

His strong rapport with Michigan’s head coach, Juwan Howard could put Michigan atop Bidunga’s list. As a former NBA player and a big himself, Howard’s ability to groom and nurture Bidunga’s skillset has emerged as a significant factor influencing his leaning towards Michigan.

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