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Brian McIntyre, a former NBA employee who worked in the league’s public relations department, has owned Michael Jordan’s famous Olympic jacket that saw him recieve a gold medal in 1992. Three decades later, he’s decided to put it up for auction, as he figures it’s about time that someone else got to enjoy it.

Sotheby’s, who has sold many sport-related valuables through recent auctions, has the offering that will run until June 28. The red, white and blue Reebook jacket is estimated to be worth around $1 million to $3 million.

“I’ve enjoyed it and it’s just the right time to do this,” McIntyre said about the Dream Team’s famed garment. “And it’s easier to do this than it is to leave things for my kids.”

Accordind to the owner, Jordan has also been notified about the decision to auction the jacket. McIntyre was part of this basketball delegation who conquered the Barcelona Olympics more than three decades ago, as he had been part of the NBA’s communications department since the beginning of the 1980s.

As Jordan was a Nike athlete, he complied to wear the jacket alongside his teammates, with the only condition that we would be able to place the United Stated flag over his shoulders to cover up the Reebok logo. As McIntyre worked for the delegation’s public relations, he was directly involved in Michael’s petition.

As the former Chicago star came off the medal stand, he simply tossed aside his jacket and gifted it to McIntyre. “He said, ‘I certainly don’t want it,’” he recalled.

A couple of years later, McIntyre brought the jacket to Jordan at an NBA event, as he thought the basketball legend might want it back. But instead, the Bulls player insisted he should keep the jacket and signed it for him.

“To Brian, Thanks for Everything, Michael Jordan,” it read.

“The Last Dance” re-told the story about the delicate situation between Nike and Reebok

Recently, the story came back to life when “The Last Dance” documentary showed Michael’s frustration about having to deal with his sponsors and the Olympic Committee insisting he had to wear the jacket, just as his teammates should too.

The truth is, anything involved in that historical basketball team who earned gold in Barcelona, has enormous value, especially considering that it was the first time the NBA sent its players to participate in the Olympics’ basketball competition.

Take a look at Jordan’s best highlights representing the United States in the Olympics:

“We watched the ‘Dream Team’ in the ’92 Olympics fast-forward the growth of basketball, by a lot,” McIntyre said. “I mean, it really helped develop the game worldwide — not just for the NBA, but in basketball in general.”

The jacket will be displayed in Sotheby’s New York from June 24-28, but in the meantime it will offer the auction online.

“To be able to sell this relic from such a historic world event — one that is often credited for multiplying the popularity and global reach of basketball — is both rare and unparalleled,” said Brahm Wachter, Sotheby’s head of streetwear and modern collectibles.

“And beyond its legendary place in Olympic history, the jacket represents Michael Jordan’s fierce and devoted loyalty to Nike, a transformative and revolutionary partnership between two powerhouses that has stood the test of time,” he concluded.

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