“Michael Jordan No.1, Kobe Bryant No.2”: Allen Iverson Reveals How Stephen Curry, Shaquille O’Neal, and LeBron James Follow Suit


Veteran point guard Allen Iverson’s fandom for Michael Jordan is no secret. The Sixers MVP has time and again expressed his admiration for His Airness, something he addressed during his Hall of Fame speech too.

Nonetheless, one cannot help but bring up The Answer’s iconic crossover on the Bulls guard in the former’s rookie season. AI once hilariously admitted how Jordan continues to give him flak for showing off his ball-handling skills.

Drafted as the first pick in the iconic class of 1996, Iverson was draftmates with Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Ray Allen, to name a few. However, if there was anyone after MJ whom AI admired the most, it was the Black Mamba.

Having had first-hand experience playing against both the NBA legends, Iverson didn’t have any qualms in admitting how no one could match their brilliance on the hardwood, whether it be Stephen Curry, Shaquille O’Neal, or LeBron James.

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In the clip below, Iverson reveals the reasons for some of the greatest talents falling behind MJ and Kobe.

Allen Iverson on why Michael Jordan at no.1 and Kobe Bryant at no.2 are irreplaceable.

“I wanted to be like Mike,” said AI, admitting that he couldn’t put anyone before the six-time champion. Playing the guard position, The Answer always aspired to be like MJ.

In a conversation with two-time champion and veteran guard Vernon Maxwell, Iverson would give an insight into how Jordan inspired him, followed by the Black Mamba.

“And I never put nobody before Mike because of what Mike did for me. You know, I actually wanted to be like Mike. You know, he meant that much to me, and he’s a big reason for me being a Hall of Fame basketball player that I was.”

The Sixers legend stated how similar to the 1st position, the 2nd position on his all-time greats list belonged to Kobe.

“But I never put nobody second, you know besides Kobe. You know, I’m biased,” said the four-time scoring champion.

“It’s Mike, It’s Kobe, and then there’s everybody else, Steph, Shaq, LeBron, all them come after Kobe.”

Well, The Answer certainly makes for some valid points, given one cannot deny MJ and the Mamba’s greatness on the hardwood.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant: The NBA stalwarts.

Two of the greatest to ever pick up a basketball, MJ and Kobe, captured the imagination of millions with their skill set.

Many regarded the Mamba as the closest thing to His Airness, given the former’s style of play resembled the Bulls legends’. The two multiple-time MVPs share 11-titles between them.

Kobe never hesitated in stealing some of Jordan’s moves, something he would openly confess. We got to hear stories about their close bond during the former Lakers guard’s memorial when an emotional MJ spilled the beans on their relationship.

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