Max Strus embraces Kyle Korver comparison, asserts his versatility


Max Strus, the Cleveland Cavaliers guard, recently received comparisons to former NBA sharp-shooter Kyle Korver, to which he responded with humility and a firm belief in his own versatile skill set.

Regarding the comparison, Strus acknowledged similarities in their playing styles, emphasizing his capability to execute similar actions and shots as Korver.

“I have a little more to my game… I can do a little more with the ball in my hand or getting in the paint to create for others as well,” he said, per Chris Fedor of Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Despite acknowledging Korver’s proficiency as a shooter, Strus highlighted his own multifaceted abilities, expressing confidence in his capacity to contribute beyond shooting prowess.

This confidence was evident in his impactful debut for the Cavaliers, where he secured a double-double, amassing 27 points, including an impressive 7 out of 13 three-pointers, and 12 rebounds during the team’s season-opening victory against the Nets (114-113).

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