Marcus Smart believes pressure and aggressiveness were keys for Celtics in Game 4 win


Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart loved what he saw out of the team in Tuesday’s 116-99 Game 4 road win vs. the Miami Heat.

(via Boston Celtics):

Reporter: “After that timeout early in the third quarter, you guys came out and started running shooters off the line and just kinda rotated aggressively on defense. How does playing that style kinda get back into that defensive identity you guys have of bringing the pressure up to them and then getting into transition?”

Smart: “Exactly that. We brought the pressure to them. We weren’t playing off our back foot, like we have been in this series. We were the aggressor on both ends, and we just wanted to continue that. Once we started running those guys off the three and making them make plays, everybody just did a good job of rotating and helping each other out, and then that allowed us to get out and run.”

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