Malcolm Brogdon expresses displeasure with Celtics over injury handling


Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Malcolm Brogdon’s recent discontent with the Boston Celtics has garnered attention, but NBA insider Ramona Shelburne reveals that the root of his frustration lies in the team’s management of his elbow injury rather than their trade talks involving him.

Recent reports suggested that Brogdon was upset with the Celtics for including him in trade discussions. However, Shelburne clarified the situation during an appearance on ESPN’s NBA Today.

“I don’t think the bad feelings are over including him in any trade discussions. I think he’s a professional; he knows this stuff happens, he understood why those discussions were happening. If anything, I think there was an expectation those discussions might restart,” she said.

The core issue revolves around Brogdon’s elbow, which troubled him during the playoffs. While there were considerations of surgery, he ultimately opted against it.

Shelburne notes that the uncertainty surrounding Brogdon’s availability and condition is at the heart of his dissatisfaction with the Celtics.

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