Magic Johnson reacts to Steph Curry calling himself greatest point guard of all-time


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When asked by Gilbert Arenas about who he believes is the greatest point guard of all time, Steph Curry didn’t hesitate to name himself over Magic Johnson. Now, NBA legend has weighed in on Curry’s self-assessment.

In a recent interview on The Zach Gelb Show, Johnson was asked about Curry’s claim to the title of greatest point guard.

The Lakers legend responded by emphasizing the importance of statistics and achievements in determining greatness.

Johnson pointed out that Curry has yet to surpass certain key metrics, such as championships, Finals MVPs, league MVPs, and various all-time rankings in assists, double-doubles, triple-doubles, and steals in the playoffs.

“if he got more than five championships, if he got more than three finals MVP and three league MVPs, then he’s the greatest,” Johnson said, via HoopsHype.

“If he got more than No. 1 in assists all-time in the Finals, No. 2 in double doubles, No. 1 in triple doubles all-time in the NBA playoffs, No. 4 in steals all-time in the playoffs…

“If he got more than those numbers, he’s the best (…) I’m just saying if he got more than all those things, he’s the best… but the last time I checked, he doesn’t.”

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