Magic Johnson reacts to cancellation of Lakers series Winning Time


Photo: YouTube screenshot

Lakers legend Magic Johnson has offered his thoughts on the recent cancellation of HBO’s “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.”

Johnson remained unmoved by the cancellation. He shared his perspective during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS.

Johnson explained, “Well, I never watched it because nobody in this world can tell the Lakers story like it needed to be told. The Showtime story? Nobody! Dr. Buss was way ahead of his time as an owner. Our team? Unbelievable! The Laker girls with Paula Abdul? Unbelievable! Nobody can tell that story.”

He emphasized that the series was fictional and expressed his belief that the true Lakers story could never be accurately portrayed.

“So, none of us watched it because it was fictional. You just can’t tell that story. But, hey, that’s on them,” Johnson concluded.

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