LOOK: Zion Williamson stars on the NBA 2K23’s latest rating update


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As the season continues to expand, the NBA 2K23 is maintaining its mandatory monitoring on players who are tearing it up on a nightly basis. And on their latest rating update, they can’t choose the most deserving enough to lead the list. (Writer’s note: Want to earn money through betting? Click this boku casinos and just easily cash in! Enjoy!)

On their fifth overall update last week, New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson made a gigantic leap to lead fellow players in the NBA 2K23 rating increase.

Williamson pumped up his 2K rating with a solid +4 addition (92 overall rating), as he continued his productive output by leading the New Orleans Pelicans to a top seed so far in the Western Conference amid absence of fellow star Brandon Ingram.

Currently this season, Williamson is registering a 25.5 points average to go with 7.2 boards, 4.6 assists in a robust 61.0 percent efficiency.

Meanwhile, Anthony Davis also powered his way to elevate his 2K rating, going up for +1 on the game’s card. This comes in with no surprise, as he notably feasted this for the Los Angeles Lakers while defying odds with LeBron James sitting down due to ankle injury.

Davis is having the best season of his career thus far, averaging 27.4 points, 12.1 boards, 2.6 assists, 2.1 blocks in 1.3 steals a game – all of these while shooting a career high 59.3 percent from the floor.

Some other notable rise on their 2K ratings are: Jamal Murray (+2 – 83 OVR), Evan Mobley (+2 – 85 OVR), Klay Thompson (+1 – 85 OVR), Tyrese Haliburton (+1 – 89 OVR), Paolo Banchero (+1 – 84 OVR), Pascal Siakam (+1 – 89 OVR), and Kristaps Porzingis (+2 – 87 OVR).

You can see the full list of the NBA 2K23’s fifth update for ratings by clicking this.

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