LOOK: College basketball game stopped after delivery man walks onto court with food


A delivery person with a McDonald’s bag in one hand and a soda in the other desperately trying to find his customer was the reason for a brief stoppage Wednesday night during the Loyola Chicago vs. Duquesne game. The delivery person walked right onto the court and into the center of action as if he was lining up and prepping to nail a corner 3. Somehow, play continued despite him nearly getting smoked, triggering the officials to call for a brief stoppage after the play.

“Somebody came on the floor on the far side,” said the TV commentary team. “I think that’s an Uber Eats sticker [on the bag]. Uber Eats, yes! Was he going to deliver McDonald’s to someone on the court?”

Multiple people inside the building in Pittsburgh on hand for the game tweeted on social media that, indeed, it was an Uber Eats delivery person. 

Here’s where this story takes a twist: This delivery person put his body on the line to make sure his job was appropriately carried out. But whether he gets a tip or not might be dependent upon how lenient his customer is. He was seen walking minutes later in the arena still in search of his customer, so it’s pretty unlikely the food was warm upon arrival.

However, in a heart-warming ending to this saga, the man who ordered the food was spotlighted on the video board at the game, and he reportedly did end up finally getting his food.

This triggers many questions, of course. How did the delivery man get into the arena? How did he get into the arena and get access to courtside? Who had the audacity to place a delivery order while watching an Atlantic 10 game on a Wednesday night? Are Duquesne’s concession options that bad? And what if this is just a giant marketing ploy by Big Delivery to get everyone’s attention? 

We’ll report back as we learn more, but for now we’ll take it for what it is: One of the best irreverent highlights of the entire college basketball season.

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