“LeBron James!”: When Kobe Bryant’s Choice For Best Player in the NBA Left Everyone Flabbergasted


Since the day he came into the NBA, Kobe Bryant had one thing in mind, to be the best. The 6ft 6’ guard found a way to do it by simply emulating the greatest to ever do it.

Michael Jordan was the only basketball player whom Kobe, that too only occasionally, accepted to be better than he was. And that belief, he stood with throughout his life.

However, once, when he was almost done with winning most of the possible accolades that a basketball player can dream of, revealed his admiration for LeBron James by complementing to be the best player in the NBA, when he himself wasn’t in the equation.

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Had you in the first half, didn’t we? Let’s get to a wonderful YouTube find from back in the good old days, and see what we are talking about.

When Kobe Bryant said LeBron James was the best in the NBA besides him

In a radio interview with Max and Marcellus in 2012, the 5x NBA champ revealed who he considers the best in the league, not including himself in the equation. Otherwise, the answer would have been obvious.

To both the hosts’ and fans’ surprise, he chose LeBron James. Watch the amazing find in the following embed.

He would also go on to say that he’d pick James as the #1 Draft pick if he could right then because he’s a pass-first guy. Imagine if LeBron did decide to join Kobe and the Lakers after his 4-year stint with the Heat!

Bryant might have retired, equalling MJ in the championship tally and James would have had 5–6 championships himself. But Alas! Neither we saw him play with Kobe or against him in a Playoff series.

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Even if LeBron doesn’t equal Kobe or Jordan in the championship tally, he’s right with them

When the day comes, and he calls it a day in the NBA, we’d know what would basketball feel like with LeBron James popping up with those wild posters on our television sets night and night out for 20 years.

Until then we can criticize him all we want. But just imagine playing 8 straight NBA Finals and then another after just one year of absence from the Playoffs. That is an unreal level of skill, leadership, consistency, longevity, and otherworldly love and determination for the sport.

Most players who do get to the Finals 4-5 seasons straight, either get injured or even retire from the sport altogether. James played 9/10 straight, stayed fit and mentally strong, winning 4 rings and 4 FMVPs along the way.

Had he not won half of those, do you think he’d not be among the best to ever do it? Think again.

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