LeBron James takes another shot at Lakers GM Rob Pelinka



LeBron James doesn’t want to hear about making moves or transactions. That’s something people should ask Los Angeles Lakers GM, Rob Pelinka. 

LeBron James
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Just when things seemed to be getting better for the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis’injury gave them a major blow. He’ll be away from an NBA court for at least the next month, according to the latest reports.

That put the resurging Lakers in a tough spot. AD was playing his best basketball in months, leading their rise in the standings. Now, they’re back to being the same beatable, flawed team they were one month ago.

That’s why the media asked LeBron James about their plans and potential next moves before the trade deadline. However, the veteran forward didn’t seem to care about the question and urged them to reach out to Rob Pelinka instead.

NBA News: LeBron James Seemingly Takes A Shot At Rob Pelinka

“Not a question for me,” James said. “I have no idea. When I’m playing, I show up. Prepare and work and get my guys ready to go win a basketball game. I play the game, I’m not in the front office. We’ll see. I’m focused on the game and just trying to win basketball games, especially when I’m on the floor.”

This isn’t the first time that James seemingly takes swipe at a Pelinka for not making moves to improve the roster. Just last month, he joined an alternate broadcast of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football and didn’t hesitate to send him a message:

“I feel like it’s a discredit when you got a transcendent franchise player, like Aaron, a quarterback,” James said. “Obviously, we know the quarterback position – besides a monster defensive end or D-tackle obviously, like Aaron Donald – that’s the most important position in the NFL. Why won’t you surround that, when you got the picks, to maximize what you can do?”

James has been known for making multiple passive-aggressive remarks and having a bit of a feud with GMs throughout his career, so this isn’t new or shocking. Now, whether Pelinka will do something to appease his star or not remains to be seen.

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