LeBron James Playing With Son Would Be Historic


LeBron James is currently focused on bringing another championship to the city of Los Angeles. However, there may be one other thing that the Cleveland-born superstar may have to think about soon – which teams could potentially draft Bronny James?

As a standout player in high school, many are wondering where the 17-year-old will be heading next season when he makes the transition to college basketball. With a seemingly inevitable jump to the NBA looming for Bronny, the opportunity to play with LeBron James before he retires is a real possibility.

Recently, NBA journalist Ryen Russillo spoke about LeBron’s plan to play alongside Bronny. He also referenced some comments James made about Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti.

“He is very calculated in what he’s gonna say, and we did talk about this when he was at the All-Star game, and all of a sudden he’s just raving about Sam Presti. Like what’s going on here? And it was solely because Sam Presti and the Thunder have so many picks moving forward.

He was doing that, hoping that the compliment would entice Presti to be like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna take Bronny.’ And then what is the goal? Because, I mean these are things by the way that James confirmed again in the Sports Illustrated piece because he said, ‘I’m looking at teams, you know, teams that have multiple picks down the road.'”

Since joining the Lakers, injuries have continued to plague the future Hall of Famer. He has missed large parts of three of the past four seasons in Los Angeles. While another championship would only further his case for the title of ‘Greatest of All Time’, Russillo believes there’s something that would be more historic than winning another ring 20 years into his NBA career.

“A Historic Feat” – Analyst Discusses LeBron James Playing With Both Sons

LeBron James and Bronny James
LeBron James and Bronny James

If a team decides to take a chance on Bronny, it looks like LeBron will probably find his way in that roster as well.

“So if you’re another team and you’re saying, all right, in 2023 we can take this kid because we might get LeBron? I still don’t know that, LeBron, even after this season, would want to miss out on a chance at a ring more so than he would to have the historic feat of playing with his son, which has never happened before. A father, son. We haven’t had the Griffies in basketball. That was the strategy.”

Only time will tell if LeBron James gets the opportunity to play with Bronny and Bryce in the future.

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