LeBron James gifted jersey to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he mailed it back with his autograph


One of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the US is Los Angeles. It is clear that numerous teams from various sports call it home. In light of this, it is also quite simple for the aforementioned teams to entice star players to play for them.

The Los Angeles Lakers have demonstrated this for several years in basketball. LeBron James himself paid attention to Los Angeles in 2018. Joining a faltering Lakers team seemed ideal to the King for LBJ, who was seeking a new challenge in his professional life.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the top soccer player for the L.A. Galaxy at the time, was one of the prominent figures that welcomed James to the city when he signed with the Lakers. Like everything else in his career, Zlatan welcomed James to the city in a special way.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic tells LeBron James to “stay out of politics” and “stick to sports”

LeBron’s gift to Zlatan

The connection between Zlatan and LeBron has undoubtedly been tense over time for a variety of reasons. James received criticism from Ibrahimovic once for expressing his political views.

The former Los Angeles Galaxy player urged James to continue playing sports. Naturally, LeBron responded appropriately and clapped back at Ibra. But prior to their “feud,” it appeared that the two got along well.

Zlatan’s amazing tweet reportedly prompted James to get in touch with the soccer player and send him a signed jersey. However, the King must have been equally as surprised by what Ibrahimovic did next.

Zlatan has long been renowned for his eccentric remarks and unwavering self-assurance. But even for Zlatan, this looked a little excessive. It makes sense why his friendship with LeBron has deteriorated over time.

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