LeBron James calls himself “GOAT of basketball”, says he’d be GOAT in lacrosse too


Photo: Lakers/YouTube screenshot

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, in a recent video released by Uninterrupted, boldly proclaimed himself as the “GOAT” of basketball.

Moreover, James articulated his unwavering confidence in his athletic prowess, asserting his hypothetical dominance in the realm of lacrosse.

“If I wasn’t the GOAT in basketball, what other sport I would be the GOAT in? Lacrosse. And I’d be a beast out on the field. It’s fast, it’s physical, I got pretty good accuracy when it comes to things,” James said.

While basketball has remained the focal point of his professional career, James’ proficiency in other sports has long been a subject of intrigue, particularly his skills demonstrated during his high school years as a standout wide receiver for St. Vincent–St. Mary’s football team, where he garnered attention from prestigious Division I programs such as Notre Dame.

Despite ultimately dedicating his focus to basketball, James’ natural athleticism and diverse skill set have sparked speculation and admiration within the realm of professional football, prompting the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks to extend contract offers to the versatile athlete during the 2011 NBA lockout, indicative of his remarkable potential beyond the confines of the basketball court.

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