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LeBron James is running at giant steps towards becoming the all-time NBA’s highest scorer, taking a especially huge leap last night against the Los Angeles Clippers after scoring 46 points and achieving another unique record that only he possesses.

Against their city rivals, the man raised in Akron, Ohio was his team’s star once again, besides the fact that they lost 115-133. On behalf of King James, he dropped his third biggest score of the season (46) with a 55.2% accuracy in all of his shots.

LeBron also picked up eight rebounds, provided seven assists, two steals and a block, as he accomplished his very own individual record for three-pointers, scoring nine out of 14 tries (64.3%). This means he becomes the only player above 35 years old to drop so many points from beyond the arc.

Watch James’ best highlights of last night’s match in Los Angeles:

The only bad news is, the Lakers lost their classic game against the Clippers, but the King is still approaching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record at a massive pace, trailing only 200 points away. At his present rhythm, he’ll only need five more games to get there.

A record he can keep only to himself

LeBron’s latest record-breaking-streak is not over, as he keeps smashing unbelievable marks every week. Not too long ago, he was overcoming records related to his age, but he still proves to conquer history with performances that not even a 25-year-old could manage.

His latest attainment is one he’ll probably hold for himself for a long time. Just last night, James became the first and only player in NBA history to score 40 or more points to every single team in the league. When we are talking about unique, we mean that not even Michael Jordan was close to it.

As a matter of fact, the only player who was real close to this one was another Los Angeles legend, the late great Kobe Bryant. Believe it or not, Bryant scored 40+ points to 29 out of 30 teams in the NBA with exception of the Lakers, of course, team in which he played his entire career. What an icon, Kobe. Wow!

Coach Darvin Ham’s team have a tough task in their hands, as they confront the league leaders this weekend in Boston. However, before meeting the Celtics they have an opportunity to rub off last night’s defeat and celebrate a triumph tonight when they recieve the San Antonio Spurs at their own Crypto.com Arena.

This battle will be for the bottom of the Western Conference’s table, as Lakers (rank 13th with 22-26) and Spurs (rank 14th with 14-33) want to keep their aspiration to qualify for the playoffs.

A few of our recommended sport betting sites consider the Lakers to possess the best odds to win tonight. BetOnline, for example, Los Angeles are favorites at a -6 with a -113 juice, whereas the Spurs are the clear underdogs at a +6 with a -107. The over/under for this game is at 243 1/2.

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