Kyrie Irving Faced With ‘Happy Hanukkah’ And ‘Round Earth’ Graphics By The Pistons Amidst Antisemitic Row


Kyrie Irving has not been playing like the 66th best player in the NBA despite ‘The Ringer’ claiming he is. The Brooklyn Nets are on quite the roll as of recent as they have won 13 of their last 16 games, and it’s all thanks to both Kyrie and Kevin Durant manning the helm on the offensive end of the floor. 

Nets fans are finally getting a taste of what it would look like to have both KD and Irving playing night in and night out all while being locked in. With the former Cavalier having been suspended by Joe Tsai and the front office, things were looking bleak for the entirety of the squad and their championship aspirations. 

However, after tonight, with Kyrie dropped 38 and Durant going off for 43 in a close win against the Detroit Pistons, things are looking up for BKN. Tonight’s game wasn’t without some ‘shenanigans’ from the Pistons’ side in order to throw Kyrie off his game. 

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Kyrie Irving is shown some peculiar graphics by the Pistons 

While Kyrie Irving was on the free throw line, the Pistons game operators in charge of the graphics that are displayed across the stadium decided to take some drastic steps to have the 6’2 guard miss. 

According to Yahoo Sports writer, Vince Goodwill, the Pistons showed a graphic that read ‘Happy Hanukkah’ and another that showed a globe spinning. This of course, didn’t work out too well as Irving was barely fazed by it all, going 8-9 from the charity stripe.

For those a bit confused by these ‘tactics’ the Pistons tried to use, the spinning globe was in relation to Irving claiming a long time ago that he firmly believed the Earth was flat. As for the ‘Happy Hanukkah’ sign, that would be because of his most recent ‘antisemitism’ controversy. 

Kyrie Irving was dropped by Nike 

Nike dropped Kyrie Irving earlier this month after his debacle with the Jewish community. Coincidentally, they brough Ja Morant on board as a signature athlete that same day. Now, with Irving being a sneaker free agent, he’s received a ton of interest from a variety of companies. 

Essentially, every single big name in the basketball shoe industry has tried to recruit Irving, such as Adidas, Puma, and even New Balance. Irving has not made any decisions as of yet as he seems to be more than satisfied wearing his own line of shoes such as the Kyrie 3 which he dropped with Nike.

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