Kwame Brown blasts LeBron James: “I can’t hate to say it — you’re a stat sheet junkie”


Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Former NBA played Kwame Brown unleashed on LeBron James after the Lakers were swept by the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals.

James scored game-high 40 points in Game 4 of the series and had a chance to win the game for Los Angeles or least force an overtime in the last play.

Brown did not appreciate how the four-time NBA champion played, saying that he only cared about his statsheet. According to Brown, people in future will look at James’ stats and think he was the greatest player to ever play the game which isn’t true, he says.

“If I had a LeBron James jersey, I’d be burning it right now,” Brown said. “If I had a LeBron James jersey, it would be on fire right now. … I watched the Laker game last night and I must say, the bust is upset. I thought the Lakers was going to win one. But they got the brooms put on…

“Ans so I discovered, LeBron, you not that, bruh. I’m sorry. I can’t hate to say it — you’re a stat sheet junkie. You a bad boy when it comes to stats. Throughout history, the little nerds are gonna look up your statline, and they gonna say ‘He’s gotta be the greatest player to ever play the game.’ And people who actually play are gonna know that is bulls**t.”

Brown continued by slamming James for flopping, saying that Michael Jordan, with whom he played one season, never flopped.

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