Kwame Brown and Shannon Sharpe exchange jabs over comments about LeBron James


Former number one draft pick Kwame Brown slammed LeBron James after the Lakers were swept by the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals, saying that the four-time NBA champion cared too much about his stat sheet.

Brown’s comments were not taken lightly by former NFL player turned sports analyst Shannon Sharpe who is a friend of James. Sharpe got angry on UNDISPUTED as he attacked Brown.

“Kwame, of all the people he should never ever question anybody’s greatness because this what we know – if there is a Mount Rushmore for busts in the NBA history, whether he’s first head, the second head, the third or the fourth, he’s on Mount Rushmore of busts NBA player,” Sharpe screamed.

It didn’t take long for Brown to respond. “You call me emotional. You were going to fight a whole team because of your love affair with LeBron. You the reason Ja probably carrying guns right now. Ja was like ‘Oh s***, a big a** n**** in a Grandmama sweater trying to fight his Daddy and team,’” Brown said via

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