Kostas Sloukas: “I’m optimistic about the season”


Photo: FIBA Basketball

During the opening press conference of the “Pavlos Giannakopoulos” tournament, Kostas Sloukas discussed his previous participation in the tournament while playing for Fenerbahce.

He highlighted the contrasting ways in which Olympiacos and Panathinaikos fans treated him when he was their opponent.

When inquired about his prior appearances as part of Fenerbahce in the tournament, Sloukas commented:

“As an opponent I always had a strange feeling, because I had been applauded, while usually there is a different approach to players who have played for Olympiakos… What I had said is that people respect my presence and that I do not provoke.

“The truth is that while I was playing for Fenerbahce, I was more booed by the fans of Olympiakos, than by the audience of Panathinaikos. I have already experienced great love from the fans of Panathinaikos, I am waiting for them to be next to us, so that we can achieve something special. I’m optimistic about the season.”

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