Klay Thompson not worried in Warriors’ slow start this season


More than anyone else in the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson stands the most confident with their direction amid the up-and-down start so far this season.

Speaking in his postgame availability following a tough 132-118 road loss against the Chicago Bulls, Thompson shrugged off any tendencies of doubts and concern regarding Golden State’s progress so far.

“None. Zero. Zero. Just get us there healthy and in one piece. Hopefully with a decent seed,” Thompson responded if he has any issue on the Dubs’ struggles, via NBC Sports.

The Bulls have walloped the Warriors to another loss, sending the defending champs back to the losing column on Weekend.

So far, the Warriors are dwelling on a slugging movement, with their 21-22 record still at risk to go slide down at the highly competitive Western Conference despite being the current eight-seeded team.

The Warriors may issue plenty of excuses due to their slow progress. They are only yet to gel as a full unit, with both Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins only made their recent return from their injuries. With their core foundations trending towards full availability, the club is certainly optimistic to climb up slowly and occupy a place atop of the Conference’s upper echelon.

Above anything else, preparedness and health will always be main priorities for the Warriors as they target a back-to-back championship finish come playoff time.

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