Kevin Durant on Kevin Huerter: ‘He’s playing like Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry’


Kevin Durant: “I should’ve explained myself better to Chris Haynes, but it wasn’t – it wasn’t like this. That wasn’t my intentions when I was saying it. I was more so saying, look yo, I was trying to protect my teammates from the expectations from everybody else. Like yo relax a little bit, let us work this out until everything gets right, but look at how we’re playing right now. [We have] 30 point wins, 40 point wins, and games where we keep the opposing team under 100 points, but then when we lose and give up 150 points to the lakers for one game, everyone, is like ‘oh shit the sky is falling down.’ And its just like yo, do you see the progression of our team and what we doin’ and how guys are steppin’ up and trying to do more? So when they actually end those rows of gettin’ back to “this what we need you here for”, then Edmond gon’ be better, Royce gon’ be better, Clax gon’ be better, I’m gon’ be better, Joe goin -and oh I forgot about Joe. I ain’t say Joe. Joe coming off a whole year not playing and now basically been playing the 3 for us. He been having to guard bigger guys, he been goin down to the rim a little bit, droppin stuff off, and just expanding his game. -via reddit / November 21, 2022

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