Kevin Durant on if Suns need to make changes to compete for championship


When the Suns traded for Kevin Durant before this year’s trade deadline, the team instantly became the favorite to win it all in the West in the eyes of many analysts.

However, the season didn’t go that way. The Suns were eliminated by the Nuggets six games in the Western Conference Semifinals. Phoenix missed two of its starters in Game 6 – Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton.

Kevin Durant was asked if his team needs to make some changes to the roster in order to have a chance of winning a championship.

“We’ll see,” KD said. “We’ll see. Obviously, you want to make tweaks regardless. Whoever won the championship this year, I’m sure they’re going to try to add to their team too. So, I feel like every year GMs, coaches, players job is to get better and find ways to adapt and become a better team.”

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