Kevin Durant ‘Hated’ That Warriors Won NBA Finals


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Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant is playing like an MVP this season, helping get the Nets on track after some early season distractions. Succeeding in the NBA is not easy and things were difficult in Brooklyn with Steve Nash stepping down as head coach and Kyrie Irving being suspended.

Despite those obstacles, Durant has shined, as his 30.1 points and 5.3 assists per game both lead the team. He is also pulling down 6.6 rebounds per game to go along with 1.6 blocks and 0.8 steals.

It is hard to imagine the Nets experiencing anywhere close to this level of success had Durant’s trade request been fulfilled this offseason and he was playing for another franchise.

Part of the reason that Durant rescinded his request is that he and the Nets both realized that their best chance at success was remaining together, especially after Kyrie Irving also committed to returning. Winning is the No. 1 goal, especially after the Golden State Warriors won another championship in June.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets & Golden State Warriors Updates

After two seasons of missing the postseason, Golden State was right back on top of the basketball world last season, taking home their fourth championship in eight years. It was something that Durant admits that he hated because he knew the focus would turn away from their accomplishment to himself.

“I can’t lie: Watching the Finals, I knew so many people would turn their focus on me once they won. I was like, I hate that they won, because y’all not going to make it about them; it’s going to be all about me. I think it’s just a childish way of looking at that experience. I feel like you can take it all in and appreciate what they did and not even talk about me. I was just sitting at home. But I get how it is.”

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets & Golden State Warriors Updates

Durant took a major risk leaving Golden State in 2019 after injuring his Achilles in the NBA Finals and missing the subsequent season. He was leaving a very stable organization that was a perennial contender for a franchise that has had no such recent luck and teamed up with Irving, who had left his last two franchises high and dry.

Things have not gone according to plan thus far, as the Nets have only one playoff series victory in three seasons.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets & Golden State Warriors Updates

But, without drama currently encompassing the team, they look like legitimate contenders in the Eastern Conference. As long as Durant and Irving are playing at this level, Brooklyn can hang with any team in the league.

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