Kenyon Martin Jr. aims to inject energy and pace into Clippers’ lineup


Photo: Houston Rockets/Twitter

As the offseason trade brought Kenyon Martin Jr. to the Clippers, the 22-year-old forward is eager to make his mark on the team.

In a recent interview with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, Martin shared his insights on how he envisions his role with the Clippers.

Acknowledging that the team has a different makeup than the Rockets with more seasoned players and a slower pace, Martin believes his ability to thrive in an up-tempo game will be a valuable asset.

“I mean, obviously it’s a different type of team, more older guys, and they play a little slower pace,” Martin explained. “So I think with me coming in and how I get up and down the floor, I think that’ll bring more energy to the game. We can get down the floor easier and get some easy buckets.”

Martin’s excitement extends to meeting his new teammates, as he has been actively participating in workouts at the facility and engaging in spirited five-on-five sessions with them.

“I’ve met everybody; I’ve met most of the guys on the team,” he said. We’ve been working out at the facility or sometimes we’ll go to Rico Hines and play five-on-five so, I’ve pretty much seen everybody and I knew most of the guys before so, it’s been good.”

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