“Kareem and Bird Weak Links”: Shaquille O’Neal Stirs Up Fans with Major Take on Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Other NBA Legends


Shaquille O’Neal has stirred up the Internet once again with a hot take involving legends like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Steven Curry, and others. Not a day goes by for Shaq without making it to the news. But this time he dragged the greats of the game along with him in what is a perpetual debate in the NBA community, the comparison of great players across different eras. Dr Shaq shared an Instagram post that had images of 10 greats of the game along with a controversial statement that opened up the floor for fans to battle in the comment section.


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Every NBA player has his own all-time best team in the NBA. Meanwhile, The Big Diesel went a step further to reveal his all-time best matchup among greats. Shaq had picked himself in one of the teams. Without any surprise, the Los Angeles Lakers legends dominated the hypothetical match-up routine.

Shaq teams up with LeBron James and Michael Jordan


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In an Instagram post, Shaquille O’Neal shared a graphic with pictures of 10 all-time greats in it. In the caption, Shaq wrote, “y’all kno who i’m with. four games to one yes is said it. gimme your thoughts“. The image chiefly suggested a hypothetical all-time match-up across eras.

Firstly, he sided himself with Kevin Durant, King James, Air Jordan, and Allen Iverson. The other team included Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Steven Curry, and Magic Johnson. Significantly, the image incorporated the 10 greats during their prime lined up against each other.

Additionally, the Big Diesel boldly claimed that his hypothetical side will beat the other side 4-1 in a seven-game series. He further asked the fans to share their opinions. Fans flooded the comments with mostly mixed responses to the post. Although a lot of fans sided with Shaq, some fans picked the opposing team. Following are a few reactions to the post

“Kareem and bird the weak links. Gotta go with Shaq squad .”

“Magic’s team All day. Shaq’s team are all ball-dominant players.”


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7 months ago

You got that fasho!

I’m sorry, but Kobe and magic on the same team? That’s just unfair.

“Kobe, Kareem and Curry? That’s all you need 😶”.

“Lebron Jordan and Shaq come on now”

7 games
Triple OT
Bird hits winning 3 from the corner

“Just shaq and Jordan. Shaq blocks everyone, and Jordan shoots.”.


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“Lebron and MJ on the same team 🤯. The team on the right. Prime shaq is better than prime Kareem with all due respect. I said what I said”.

Milestone alert

NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the record for the most points scored in the NBA with 38,397 points in 1560 games. King James currently stands right behind Abdul-Jabbar with 37,720 points. James is expected to cross the milestone in the near future.


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Who all make it to your All-Time match-up squad? Lets us know in the comments.

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