Jordan Poole says ‘a little bit of a role change’ was the difference for him this playoffs


Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole recently gave his thoughts on the difference between last year’s postseason and the 2023 playoffs.

(via Let’s Go Warriors):

Reporter: “It seemed like during this postseason, and I know you had injuries and things like that, but it seemed like you weren’t as decisive with your movements as you were last season. What was the biggest difference between this postseason as opposed to last one when you go in the First Round and you start a few games? It seemed like you had more rhythm that you didn’t have this postseason. What was the difference in your mind?”

Poole: “Probably just a little bit of a role change. Last year I could come in and score, be aggressive with the team that we had around. Being more of a facilitator, trying to get guys off the ball, get them easy shots. Throughout the course of the playoffs, we had two really good defensive teams that we played, and just trying to find ways to facilitate, get inside. It’s not always about scoring. It’s about finding ways to try to help your team be successful. I think every playoffs will be different. Everything won’t be the same. Like I said, you learn from that, grow from that, and apply to your skillset.”

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