Jordan Poole opens up about his relationship with Draymond Green


Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

The biggest story surrounding the Warriors this year was Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole during a preseason scrimmage.

Both players remained on the team after Green served a short-term suspension by Golden State for hitting his teammate.

In a recent interview Poole was asked specifically about his relationship with Green. It appears that the two players have put the incident behind them but their relationship is strictly business.

Via Logan Murdock of The Ringer:

“I don’t have no answer for you,” Poole tells me when asked where his relationship with Green stands now. “Other than that, we was just on the court and teammates, and we was out there trying to win games.

“What I do recall saying at the beginning of the season is that, ‘We’re coming. We’re going to come out here. We’re going to play on the court. We’re going to try to win a championship.’ We were teammates. It’s just business, honestly. And that’s really all it was, it is, it has been. It’s just been business. It’s been basketball.”

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