John Salley on Shaq threatening to kill Kobe over unreleased article


Photo: Reuters

In the clip below, Vladimir Lyubovny started off speaking about an unreleased interview of Kobe Bryant attacking Shaquille O’Neal that recently surfaced, and John Salley acknowledged that he knows about the interview.

Salley then spoke about Jim Gray, the journalist who conducted the interview, and John stated that he’s a legit journalist. Vlad then spoke about the article where Kobe tore into Shaq, including Kobe calling him “fat” and “lazy.”

Vladimir Lyubovny added that the article was never released because of O’Neal’s relationship with Gray, and John pointed out that Shaq went to Miami to play for the Heat afterward.

Salley then spoke about Kobe being obsessive about basketball, and John also pointed out that after the article was released, Shaq came out in the best shape with the Heat:

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