Johannes Voigtmann on Gordie Herbert: “He’s a very rational person”


Photo: FIBA

Germany achieved a historic milestone, ascending to the zenith of global basketball for the very first time. Their journey culminated in securing the gold medal through a victory over Serbia in the 2023 FIBA World Cup Final.

At the heart of this highly anticipated encounter stood Johannes Voigtmann, whose performance included a noteworthy 12 points and 8 rebounds, boasting an impressive 4/5 shooting record.

Subsequently, in the mixed zone after the game, Voigtmann openly shared emotional words about Germany’s head coach Gordie Herbert.

“He’s a very rational person, he tries to take all the emotions out before the game,” Voigtmann said. “You don’t wanna be too emotional before a game like this. He did a great job throughout the whole tournament in preparing us, giving us confidence, and putting us together as a team.

“You can’t say enough good words about him because he’s an excellent coach. A great person, a fair guy, and he’s straight up with everybody. He’s not gonna please everybody on the team,  but he’s damn close. His impact is huge. I can’t emphasize it enough.”

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