Jock Landale on trolling former teammate Mikal Bridges


Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Mikal Bridges and Jock Landale are no longer teammates but they continue to fun online. The two players had hilarious an exchange on Twitter recently.

“I need to take it a step further from where I sit and really start adding some of his personal life and just let him know to cool it a little bit,” Landale said on FanDuel TV. “Some of the people on Twitter took that last one a little hard… even some of the Phoenix Suns fans…

“I had to text him after and I was like ‘Man, I don’t even think I can go at you anymore because these Phoenix Suns fans even when you’re gone they jump on your side instead of mine. I think Mikal is a little bit of a protected species and I’ve got to cool it just a little bit.”

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