Jeremy Sochan explains why it’s a ‘blessing’ to be coached by Gregg Popovich


It’s been many years since the Spurs have been a team to fear in the NBA, as their last franchise title came almost a decade ago. However, there is one thing that will always keep their rivals on their feet, and it’s the fact that San Antonio is coached by legend Gregg Popovich. 

After his first year in Texas, sophomore Jeremy Sochan recognizes Pop’s greatness and considers it a blessing to have him coach his first years in the league.

“What [I learned last season] is just how cool he is,” Sochan told the press. “He’s a regular dude who loves basketball, loves to be around people and loves to shed his light on life and the game.”

Coach Pop has also shared praise for the rising star in the past, saying he is a ‘strong character’ who is ‘fearless’:

You’d think this is pretty high praise after just one season together, but this is the kind of inspiration Popovich brings to the table. Not only is he the NBA trainer with most wins to his name, he’s also the only coach who has led a same roster for over 25 years.

“A lot of people think he is grumpy and mean and he doesn’t like people,” Sochan explained. “But when you’re around him, it doesn’t seem like that. He’s a connector. He’s a legend … “I think it’s a blessing to be around someone like that and learn from him.”

The 20-year-old has shown great improvement during the course of his first year in San Antonio. He entered the NBA with a clear knack for scoring, rebounding and defense, but only saw his numbers increase by the end of the campaign.

“I think my role might change a little bit,” the young foward said. “I might be more of a leader. I’ll be playing with the ball a bit more and be that playmaker. I’m going to stay aggressive and be ready for more minutes and be ready to get beaten up a little bit.”

Sochan says that next season will be scary for their rivals, considering that Wembanyama’s potential on both sides of the floor is ‘endless’

During the course of this summer, the Spurs club seem ready to reach the heights again and become a top-market team that can contend for a new trophy, especially as they just selected the Draft’s No. 1 overall pick Victor Wembanyama.

“I think it’s going to be scary. Defensively, it’s going to be hard to score against us. We are long. We’re pesky. Offensively, I’m going to be able to find him, and I think the beautiful thing about it is whoever gets the board, just push it. There is no need to pause after getting the defensive board. The way we want to play is: Whoever gets it, you run. You dribble the ball up. It’s going to make everything so much easier. It’s going to make it flow more. I think the potential on both sides is endless,” Sochan said.

The Spurs sophomore expects to stay healthy all throughout this upcoming campaign and play at least 30% more games than he did in his rookie season.

“That was one thing that was really important for me,” he said. “I only played 56 games last season. The goal is to play 82. So I’m in the gym lifting and getting my body right.”

For now, he simply remains excited over all the buzz surrounding the Texan club at the moment. “It’s going to be fun,” the 20-year-old said. “I’m excited. The energy in San Antonio right now is really high.”

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