Jayson Tatum owns blame after abysmal errors late in Q4 of Celtics’ Game 1 loss


Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Jayson Tatum acknowledged his tons of late shortcomings that hindered the Boston Celtics to claw a successful comeback run against the Miami Heat in their Game 1 Conference Finals loss.

Although he tallied 31 points and seven boards, Tatum proceeded to commit three turnovers, including back-to-back traveling violations, that ultimately robbed his team to deliver a late rally.

“I turned the ball over. Threw it to Jimmy. That was on me, and I don’t shot fake. I just got sped up a little bit,” said Tatum following their 123-116 loss.

“Guys slowed down a little bit in those moments.”

Besides poor ball management, Tatum was held scoreless without any field goal attempt in the fourth frame after his hot scoring for the first three quarters. This ultimately allowed the Heat to maneuver themselves away to inflict the first blood series win.

After slamming the Philadelphia 76ers with a Game 7-high 51 points to lead the Celtics’ entry, Tatum remains optimistic of their chances to respond against the feisty, eighth-seeded Miami team with the series set to continue for Game 2 on Friday.

“We’re gonna have practice tomorrow, watch film, we’re going to talk about it, discuss the things that we did well, the things that we can do better, and come out and execute better on Friday.”

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