Jayson Tatum: “It’s not difficult to play at home”


The Celtics’ journey in the Eastern Conference Finals came to an end with a Game 7 loss to the Miami Heat, and Boston star Jayson Tatum didn’t shy away from addressing what went wrong for his team during the series.

Despite a valiant effort to overcome a 3-0 deficit and force a decisive Game 7, the Celtics ultimately fell short, losing 103-84 to the resilient Heat. Speaking after the game, Tatum acknowledged the team’s struggles, particularly on their home court.

Tatum stated, “It’s not difficult to play at home. We didn’t play well the first two games at home this series and they did. They played well tonight and we didn’t. You don’t want it to be like that. It’s called home court advantage for a reason. It’s not difficult to play here. We got great fans. I wish the outcome was different at home games.”

The Celtics’ three losses at home proved to be a significant factor in the series outcome. Tatum also acknowledged that their overall performance throughout the series was not up to par, citing specific moments where they fell short.

“We didn’t play well enough to win this series for the majority of it,” Tatum admitted. “Bad third quarter in the first game and a bad fourth quarter in the second game. They beat us in the third game. We didn’t play well at all. We won three in a row. And then tonight was just tough. So, we just didn’t play well enough to win this series.”

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