Jaylen Brown says referees are targeting him for traveling ‘every f*cking game’


Photo: Bleacher Report

The referees called travelling on Jaylen Brown twice during the game between the Celtics and Magic which was won by Orlando (95-92).

The 26-year-old shooting guard, who scored team-high 24 points and grabbed 14 rebounds in the loss, thinks that the officials are targeting him specifically with traveling calls.

“We turned the ball over, we had a lot of travels,” Brown said postgame. “That’s something I got to work on I guess. They pick and choose where they emphasize a traveling call. But it seemed like every f*cking game like that’s the person I’m targeting.

“But you look around the league you could pinpoint a lot of players is doing the same thing. So you can’t pick and choose when you want to call stuff. But it’s something I’m gonna work on definitely, keep that pivot foot down because a lot of my turnovers tonight came from travel calls.”

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