Jaylen Brown says Celtics now have better understanding of Heat’s defensive strategy


Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Following Tuesday’s 116-99 Game 4 road win vs. the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown spoke about the team’s success in figuring out how to create advantages against zone defense.

(via CLNS Media):

Reporter: “Jaylen, going back to your playmaking, you had a play where you were trying to get to that baseline pull-up that you usually go to to get rolling and you can’t have it, so you kicked it out and got a three right away. How important is it for you guys that when the ball gets to the corners you don’t just take that three that you get right away, you keep it moving?”

Brown: “Yeah, the way they play defense, the way they play zone, the way they try to hide matchups, they try to make sure they keep their primary defenders up higher and try to hide their lesser defenders. It’s been taking us a little while to kinda figure it out. It ain’t always going to be you scoring the ball normally because they’re not guarding us normally.”

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